How to integrate your MAVEN project with SonarQube

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So, You want to integrate your project to SonarQube for managing the source code quality of your project. That’s indeed a wonderful idea. If you are wondering and excited to learn How to go about it, just keep calm and sit back, I will take you through the same. I am very certain that after this blog you will be able to integrate your project with SonarQube in just a matter of time.

  • So, Let’s dive into this!
    Before we go any further, Let’s understand What SonarQube(previously known as Sonar) is?
    SonarQube is open-source for continuous inspection of code quality. Sonar is a web based code quality analysis tool for MAVEN based JAVAprojects. It covers a wide area of code quality checkpoints which include: Architecture & Design, Complexity, Duplications, Coding Rules, Potential Bugs, Unit test etc.It offers reports like
  • Duplicated code
  • Coding Standards
  • Unit Tests
  • Code Coverage
  • Code…

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